Kistler High Pressure Quartz Sensor Model 6215

Kistler,High Pressure,Quartz Sensor,Model,6215 Front-sealing High Pressure Quartz sensor for measuring dynamic pressures according to NATO standards.

The Type 6215 has been accepted by NATO as the successor to Kistler Type 6203 (AC/225LG/3-SG-1). The existing NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAGs) and Manuals of Proof and Inspections (MOPIs) are being amended accordingly).

Compared to the shoulder sealing used so far, the front sealing technically improves the sensor considerably. The resulting main advantages are a considerably lower mechanical and thermal stress of the sensor, no mounting gap (small dead volume) and a largely reduced surface pressure in the sealing part.

Used for all ballistic measurements. Depending on the measuring configuration, the sensor can be installed with an additional thermal protection shield or a diaphragm protection.

NATO Standard
Extremely long service life
Very good long term stability

Kistler Model 6215 Quartz High-Pressure Sensor