Cylinder Pressure Transmitter Kistler Model 6613CA

Cylinder,Pressure,Transmitter,Kistler,Model,6613CA Cylinder Pressure Transmitter Kistler Model 6613CA designed with optimum service life for continuous cylinder pressure monitoring in diesel and gas engines. Because of its low thermal shock and high stability over the long term, this sensor is suitable for demanding monitoring and control tasks.

The quartz measuring element and the charge amplifier incorporated in the plug are interconnected by an integral cable. The charge amplifier has two measuring ranges and selectable time constants. The short time constant guarantees stability of the output signal even with rapid changes in load and speed. The long time constant allows static calibration of the measuring chain. The measuring range and/or time constants are selected by appropriate interconnection of the plug pins. As a result of its patented "anti-strain" design, the measuring element is insensitive to integral mounting, and largely insensitive to dirt and contamination. The rugged diaphragm permits the sensor to be used for knock detection.

The life expectancy of the sensor has been designed so that a life of > 16,000 h can be achieved in a gas engine running. With heavy oil operation, the service life depends very much on the corrosion occurring, while extreme contamination can reduce measuring accuracy.

Small thermal shock
Long life
Insensitive to integral mounting

Kistler Model 6613CA Cylinder Pressure Transmitter