Kistler Ceraline-S Pressure Transmitters

Kistler,Ceraline-S,Pressure Transmitters Kistler Ceraline-S Pressure Transmitters are extremely versatile and suitable for measuring dynamic and static pressures. The built-in ceramic measuring cell is highly corrosion resistant, stable and optimized accuracy. Thanks to their high natural frequency and the rugged construction, the Ceraline-S transmitters withstand high shocks and vibrations.

The Kistler Ceraline-S Pressure Transmitters are available as absolute and relative pressure types with either 2-wire current or 3-wire voltage output.

The pressure to be measured acts without transmitting liquid on a stable, corrosion resistant ceramic measuring cell. Piezoresistive resistors are attached to the cell and connected into a Wheatstone bridge configuration. The output signal of this bridge is converted into a standardized current or voltage output signal.

The Kistler Ceraline-S Pressure Transmitters can be used for a wide range of applications in process control, automatic machinery and hydraulic or pneumatic system design.

Industrial General Purpose Transmitter
Extremely corrosion resistant
Measuring ranges from 1 to 400 bar
Rugged ceramic measuring cell
Shock and vibration resistant
Short dimensions
Optimal accuracy
Intrinsically safe EEx ia

Kistler Ceraline-S Pressure Transmitter