OEM Ceramet Pressure Sensors Kistler Models FER180

OEM,Ceramet,Pressure,Sensors,Kistler,Models,FER180 Ceralite is a piezoresistive sensor on a ceramic base. OEM Ceramet Pressure Sensors Kistler Models FER180 is rugged, corrosion and abrasion resistant which makes it particularly suitable for industrial OEM applications. These sensors have a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C combined with high stability and accuracy. These features make them ideal for process control purposes in automatic machinery and instrumentation.

Ceralite allows direct contact of the fluid with the measuring cell and is easy to handle. Its small 18 mm diameter allows for easy installation into almost all applications. Due to the special monolithic sensor design, they are available as relative pressure cells between 2 to 100** bar.

The piezoresistive effect can be observed in a great variety of materials. On Ceralite, a special proprietary piezoresistive material is applied onto a ceramic diaphragm by using thick film techniques. This gives high sensitivity and stability over a wide temperature range.

The pressure acts directly on the front face of the ceramic diaphragm. Therefore, almost any fluid can be measured because ceramic offers unequaled resistance against aggressive media. The screen-printed resistors on the opposite face of the diaphragm are connected to a closed Wheatstone bridge. The output from the bridge is highly linear and the output signal is proportional to the excitation voltage. The standard output signal is untrimmed within 1.6 and 4.0 mV/V and is fully strain gauge compatible.

Monolithic ceramic cell design - improved stability and linearity
Temperature compensated
Trimmed zero balance
Optional sensitivity trimmed
Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance
Shock and vibration resistant
Easy installation - one sensor thickness for all ranges
Competitive price

Kistler Model FER18 OEM Pressure Sensor Ceralite