OEM High Pressure Sensor Kistler Model RHU50

OEM,High,Pressure,Sensor,Kistler,Model,RHU50 Unlike many other pressure transducers, the OEM High Pressure Sensor Kistler Model RHU50 high pressure/high temperature sensors can directly measure pressure in media up to 300°C/570°F. Due to the unique design of the silicon measuring cell, it does not require any toxic or unstable liquid fills. The pressure transducer's rugged diaphragm makes the Series RH suitable for the toughest conditions in hydraulics and process control. The outstanding stability and high accuracy as well as its high natural frequency gives added advantages and allows the measurement of static and dynamic pressure changes.

The transducers are available as absolute pressure types with closed Wheatstone bridge output with pressure ranges from 0-100 to 3,000 bar/0-1,500 to 45,000 psi. For improved accuracy and thermal compensation, they can also be supplied with a set of coefficients for digital sensor compensation.

The OEM High Pressure Sensor Kistler Model RHU50 are designed as small as possible to fit a large variety of fittings and can be mounted easily into many applications. Optionally, it is possible to provide a temperature output signal with a built-in additional RTD temperature sensor or by use of the change in bridge resistance (constant current supply) and by using a digital sensor compensation. Combined with an amplifier Type 4620 (digital compensation) or 4618 (analog compensation), the output signal of the transducer can be converted into an industrial 0-10 V and/or 4-20 mA output signal.

Pressure ranges up to 3,000 bar/45,000 psi
Temperature range up to 300°C/570°F
High lifetime and overload capabilities
RTD temperature output (optional)
Excellent long term stability
High accuracy

Kistler Model RHU50 High Pressure OEM Sensor