Kistler Rotating Torque Sensors Model 4501A

Kistler,Rotating,Torque,Sensors,Model,4501A The Kistler Rotating Torque Sensors Model 4501A operate on the strain gauge principle and supplies an analog output signal in mV/V. The sensors are particularly suitable for screw assembly.

Rated torque: 2... 1,000 Nm (17.7 ... 8,851 lbf-in)
Accuracy class: 0.2%
Strain gauge full bridge system
Shunt calibration
Measurement of torque in any direction of rotation
Short term speed peaks to 3,000 rpm
Robust and reliable design
Small and handy
Long service life
Optional rotational angle measurement
Impulse wrench design on request

These sensors use strain gauge technology. Power is supplied and the measurement signal transferred between the rotating shaft and the case via high-grade, durable slip rings. These torque sensors are predominantly employed as in-line torque sensors. They are robust and easy to use. Together with a broad range of measuring and evaluation systems, they are ideal instruments for precise and low-priced measurement of torques and angle are made available.

The Type 4501A... torque sensors were designed specifically for use in screw driving assembly applications. The versions with square or hexagonal shaft mount directly on the drives of the tools. Typical applications include checking stationary screw spindles and torque measurement hand or power driven. The universal versions with rounded shaft ends can be used wherever torque has to be measured intermittently or at low speed.

Kistler Model 4501A Torque Sensor