Kistler Torque Sensor Model 4502A

Kistler,Torque,Sensor,Model,4502A Kistler Torque Sensor Model 4502A operate on the strain gauge principle and supply an analog output signal of 0 ... ±5 VDC which is contactless transferred. Available also with integrated rotational angle/speed measurement.

Digital Telemetry
Rated torque: 0.5 ... 1,000 Nm (4.4 ... 8,851 lbf-in)
Speed ranges up to 12,000 rpm
Accuracy class: 0.2%
Smart (integral measuring electronics)
Highly fail safe due to active torque output (±5 VDC), galvanically separated from supply and measuring signal
Non-contact signal transfer
Unipolar supply
High dynamics
Standardized mechanical connections:
- 1/4" hex socket DIN3126
- Square socket (size depending on measuring range)
- Cylindrical shaft ends
Extremely compact
Suitable for pulse tool operation
Optional rotational angle measurement

The Mini-Smart torque sensor uses strain gauge technology. The torque signal is transmitted contactless from the rotating shaft via frequency modulation and is processed as an analog signal. The optional rotational angle signal with 2 tracks of each 360 pulses per revolution and track is available as TTL-signal. An external electrical calibration input is standard.

The Mini-Smart torque sensor with rotating measuring shaft is suitable both for dynamic detection of starting torque and breakway torque for bolting and assembly techniques and for quality assurance in production and laboratory. Due to its standardized connections, the device can be quickly adapted to air, electronic and pulse tools.

Kistler Model 4502A Torque Sensor