Kistler Torque Measuring Flange Model 4504A

Kistler,Torque,Measuring,Flange,Model,4504A Kistler Torque Measuring Flange Model 4504A operate on the strain gauge principle. The integral, digital measuring preconditioning system produces analog or digital output signals, which are transmitted without contact. The rotor runs in the stator ring without mechanical bearings and is therefore free from wear.

Digital telemetry non-contact signal transmission
Rated torque: 200 ... 5,000 Nm (1,770 ... 44,253 lbf-in)
Speed ranges up to 15,000 rpm
Accuracy class: 0.1%, 0.05% optional
Very short axial dimensions
Compact flange-to-flange solution
Strain gauge measuring system
Very high accuracy
Maintenance-free, bearingless
Electronic control of sensor
Magnetic speed measurement

Model 4504A... torque measuring flange was designed to be a very short flange-to-flange solution and its rotor can be installed from one side (normally the test specimen side), straight to the flange of the loading machine. This allows easy, cost-effective assembly into a power train.

The extremely narrow profile of the Model 4504A... torque measuring flange makes it very suitable for many test rig applications: Test bed for engines, dynamometer, wheel load simulation, gear boxes, pumps, electric motors and many others.

Kistler Model 4504A Torque Sensor