Kistler Quartz Torque Dynamometer Model 9275

Kistler,Quartz,Torque,Dynamometer,Model,9275 Kistler Quartz Torque Dynamometer Model 9275 for measuring a torque acting around the sensor axis. The compact dynamometer possesses high rigidity and therefore a high natural frequency, enabling the smallest dynamic changes to be measured in large basic torques.

The Kistler Quartz Torque Dynamometer Model 9275 consists of a torque sensor which is fitted under high preload between a base plate and a top plate. The sensor contains a set of shear sensitive quartz disks. The arrangement of the disks is realized in a way to yield an electric charge which is proportional to the torque Mz acting around the axis of the dynamometer. The charge is led via an electrode to the TNC connector.

Application Examples:
· Testing torque wrenches
· Testing springs (torsion)
· Measurements on small thrust bearings, friction clutches, etc.
· Measuring starting torque on fractional horsepower and stepping motors
· Ergonomic measurements

Kistler Model 9275 Quartz Torque Dynamometer