Piezoelectric Reaction Torque Sensors Kistler Model 9329A

Piezoelectric,Reaction,Torque,Sensors,Kistler,Model,9329A These easy to install Piezoelectric Reaction Torque Sensors Kistler Model 9329A are particularly suitable for measuring rapidly changing torques at non-rotating shafts. Five different size sensors are available for the measuring ranges ±1 N-m, ±10 N-m, ±200 N-m and ±1,000 N-m.

•Two calibrated measuring ranges: 100%, 10%
• Very compact, ready to install reaction torque sensor
• Flexible adaptation with mounting threads in double flange
• Centering seats for coaxial mounting and optimum introduction of torque
• Centric bore for shaft passage
• Can be used as torque calibration sensor

The Piezoelectric Reaction Torque Sensors Kistler Model 9329A is integrated under high preload between preload screw and nut. When a torque acts on a sensor, the shear stresses produced are transmitted to the crystals. The charge signal proportional to the force is picked up by an electrode and fed through a screened cable to a charge amplifier. The charge signal is converted by the charge amplifier to a proportional output voltage, which can be recorded and evaluated.

Flanges on the top and bottom sides of the reaction torque sensor allow simple and direct installation on a shaft or adapter flange. This allows very low, space-saving installation. Alternatively, a mounting flange (optional accessories) can be used or installation can take place using custom adapters. A two-sided centering facility allows very accurate coaxial fitting. A centric bore allows additional applications, e.g. for shaft bushing. A screw-on connector cover ferrule is provided with the included accessories to protect the cable connection at the side.

Piezoelectric Reaction Torque Sensors Kistler Model 9329A reliably detect even the slightest torques acting on the sensor axis in both rotary directions.

Kistler Model 9329A Reaction Torque Sensor