Kistler Piezoelectric 2-Component Sensor Model 9345A

Kistler,Piezoelectric,2-Component Sensor,Model,9345A This installation-friendly, Kistler Piezoelectric 2-Component Sensor Model 9345A is suitable for measuring push/pull force Fz and a torque Mz acting on the sensor axis. Its high resolution allows measurement of the slightest dynamic changes in large forces and torques at non-rotating shafts.

• Very compact, ready to install sensor
• High rigidity and high natural frequency
• Flexible adaptation with mounting threads in double flanges
• Centering seats for coaxial mounting and optimum introduction of torque
• Center hole for shaft passage

Several layers of pressure and shear sensitive quartz disks are integrated under high preload between a hollow preload screw and a nut designed as a sensor case. The two components are measured practically without displacement. The force-proportional charge signal and the charge signal proportional to the effective torque i.e. the shear stresses produced, is picked up by electrodes and fed via a shielded cable to a charge amplifier. The latter converts the charge signals into proportional output voltages, which can be recorded and evaluated.

Flanges with tapped holes in the top and bottom sides of the sensor allow simple mounting on a shaft or adapter, coaxial fitting and centric bore allows shafts to be inserted

The Kistler Piezoelectric 2-Component Sensor Model 9345A is rust-resistant and splash-water-protected. Together with the connecting cables Type 1693A... and 1694A..., the sensor has the degree of protection IP65, and with cable Type 1695A degree of protection IP67.

It should be noted that the measuring ranges are reduced by combined and eccentric loads.

Kistler Model 9345A 2-Component Sensor