Signal Conditioning Cables From Kistler Instrument Corporation

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Kistler's Perfect Cable Connection

All Kistler signal conditioning cables are designed to provide optimum signal transmission. Developed to perform in the most unusual applications from cryogenic to ultra high temperature, adverse to laboratory environments, and available for low or high impedance transduction. There is a cable specially designed for any and every need. A wide array of options, including line length and plug design, are available for each cable model.

Kistler's premium signal conditioning cables/connectors are rugged, dependable and assure precision sensor measurements. Kistler connectors are high quality stainless steel. Noise and intermittent operation are eliminated because there is no plating to wear off. Stainless steel also reduces the weight by 50% compared to conventional connectors therefore reducing mass loading in accelerometers. O-rings at each end seal out moisture and contaminants. A built-in strain relief replaces shrink tubing provided a reduced loop radius.

Unlike conventional signal conditioning cables, only low-noise extruded Teflon cable is used for a true water tight cable seal and it won't fray during normal use. These cables can be used with both low and high impedance sensors and have a temperature range of -320 to 465°F.

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Kistler Power Cords
For Kistler Equipment
Kistler Cables For Force And Torque Sensors
Connecting cable for piezoelectric sensors (high isolated, low noise).
Kistler Cables For Pressure Sensors, Combustion Engine Measurements
For Piezoelectric sensors (high insulation, low noise).
Kistler Cables & Connector Adaptors, Type 1511 ... 1794
For accelerometers and selected pressure and force sensors.
Kistler Cables For Special Applications, Type 1642A..., ...1911Asp..m
Highly insulated, low-noise special cables.
Kistler Coaxial Cable Connectors, Type 17..., 18...
Cable Sockets, Couplings & Accessories.
Kistler Automatic High-Insulation Coupling, Type 1700B...
Coaxial, automatic, high-insulation coupling for transmitting electrical charges when the mold is changed automatically.
Kistler Distribution Cable For Triaxial Sensors, Type 1756B
Designed for triaxial sensors such as the types 8690, 8692, 8790 and 8792.