Sensor Calibration Equipment From Kistler Instrument Corporation

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Most Kistler force sensors are factory calibrated and delivered with a calibration certificate traceable to national standards. Kistler also offers calibration services at customer request with minimum turnaround time.

Static and dynamic calibration of pressure sensors
Pressures to 100,000 psi
IEEE-488 and RC232C interfaces

Pressure Pulse Generator - Capable of generating impulse pressures of
365 to 72,500 psi over a 5 to 10 millisecond period.

Hydraulic High Pressure Generator - Portable or stationary generator for
static calibration of high pressure sensors.

Calibrator - Portable, 2 channel, microprocessor-controlled calibrator
which may be used with Kistler reference sensors and pressure generators.

Acceleration Sensors
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Kistler Charge Calibrator, Type 5357B
The charge calibrator allows to calibrate and check piezoelectric measuring systems.
Kistler Calibration Capacitors, Type 5371A...
Highly insulating precision capacitor for converting a voltage into an electric charge.
Kistler Precision Charge Calibrator/Monitor, Type 5395A
Precision charge calibrator Type 5395A, especially used for calibration of charge amplifiers.
Kistler Pressure Generator, Type 6904
Pressure generator for generating dynamic pressure pulses up to about 250 bar and quasistatic pressures up to 700 bar.
Kistler Hydraulic High-Pressure Generator, Type 6906
Portable pressure generator for calibrating pressure sensors with a pressure range of between 500 and 10,000 bar.
Kistler Calibrator, Type 6907B
Portable, microprocessor-controlled calibrator for sensors.
Kistler Pressure Pulse Generator, Type 6909
For generating sinusoidal pressure pulses of 25 - 5,00 bar with a width of milliseconds.
Kistler Accelerometer Calibrator, Type 8921...
The 8921 portable shaker is a small, self contained, battery powered vibration exciter specifically designed to verify/calibrate the sensitivity of accelerometers in a field environment.