Electronic Instrumentation From Kistler Instrument Corporation

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Kistler Instruments have unquestionably the largest and broadest range of electronics/instrumentation in this market. It would be beneficial to review the matrix table available to assist and narrow your range of selection. Refer to detailed data sheets for operation specifications and options.

Powering, conditioning and computer interface solutions are available from a suite of electronic equipment tailored to provide measurement flexibility with utmost quality and integrity. Couplers from inexpensive single channel to large, modular, multichannel platforms can be selected. Charge amplifiers with dual mode (low and high impedance) capability offer adaptability to a variety of sensor configurations. Gain, filtering, and conditioning aspects of the measurement chain are contained in this section.

Acceleration Sensors
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Kistler TDC Sensor System, Type 2629
Sensor with amplifier and power supply for determining top dead canter position.
Kistler Adapter Interface For DAS-16, Type 2851
Adapter interface for connecting up to 8 measured signals as well as for power supply and connection of the pertaining charge amplifier.
Kistler Low-Pass Plug-In Filters, Type 5311, 5311A..., 5313A
Plug-in filters for charge amplifiers 5001 and later types, for adapting the frequency response to the measuring problem or the transducer being used, without affecting the output impedance of the charge amplifier.
Kistler Input Low-Pass Filters, Type 5321A...
Series resistor fitted in a housing with high insulation against chassis, forming a RC low-pass filter together with the cable capacitance.
Kistler Video Synchronizer, Type 5610
The Video Synchronizer aligns force plate data acquisition with the software BioWare with video based motion analysis systems (biomechanics).
Kistler Crank Angle Encoder, Type 2613B
The crank angle encoder Type 2613B provides the basis for all crank-angle-related measurements of internal combustion engines.
Kistler RoaDyn™ Telemetry Transmitter, Type 9871A
Wireless telemetry data transmission module to be used with Torque Wheel-Sensor RoaDyn P103 or ROaDyn P106.