Measuring Instruments From Kistler Instrument Corporation

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Kistler has a great deal to offer

As Kistler's measuring instruments are used in a great variety of fields, separate data is also available for the following applications:

Plastics Processing

Acceleration Sensors
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Kistler Insulation Tester, Type 5493
Battery operated service instrument for measuring very high insulation resistance's. Low measuring voltage and quick-charging circuit for measurements involving high parallel capacitance's. Logarithmic indication. Very simple operation. Automatic switchoff when not in operation.
Kistler Preload Tester, Type 5991
The battery powered preload tester is used for local electrical charge measurements; e.g., for measuring the necessary preload when mounting piezoelectric strain sensors. The preload is directly displayed in picocoulombs.
Kistler Test Set for Cavity Pressure Sensors, Type 5993A1
Battery powered test instrument for checking the sensitivity of mounted cavity pressure sensors and force measuring elements (e.g. measuring tongues).