Control Monitors From Kistler Instrument Corporation

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Kistler control monitors are used for the integrated monitoring and control of
production processes. The CoMo II and CoMo II-S record two associated
measurands (e.g. press force and "displacement") and evaluate their functional relationship. The parameters for the monitoring functions and the methods of evaluation can be operator selected and adjusted within wide limits. The monitors
are specifically designed for process engineering and no special programming or software knowledge is needed for the configuration of process evaluation parameters.

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Kistler Type 2507B Engine Tester
Portable, self-powered measuring instrument for measuring and evaluating cylinder pressures in diesel engines.
Kistler Type 2515A Engine Peak Meter II
Handy peak pressure meter for measuring cylinder pressure in slow- and medium-speed diesel and gas engines.
Kistler Type 5049A SmartAmp Charge Amplifier
The SmartAmp is integrated into injection molding machines together with mold cavity pressure sensors, and is used to monitor and control the injection molding process.
Kistler Type 5855A, 5855AY32, 5855B Control Monitor
he Control Monitor Type 5855A is used, together with piezoelectric sensors, for monitoring of pressure and force profiles. The charge signal yielded by the sensor is converted into a proportional voltage and compared with settable thresholds.
Kistler Type 5857B Control Monitor
CoMo II Type 5857B is a universal measuring display and analysis unit. It can simultaneously record two measurands and display them either as a function of time or in their mutual dependence.
Kistler Type 5859A CoMo II-S
The CoMo II-S is a universal measuring display and analytical instrument. Piezoelectric sensors for mechanical measurands and potentiometric sensors for displacement and angle.
Kistler Type 5861 Control Monitor CoMo F
The CoMo F is a specific measuring and indicating instrument for fast and reliable monitoring and classification of industrial processes.
Kistler Type 5863A Control Monitor CoMo Net®
The CoMo is a two-channel control monitor for DIN rail mounting for monitoring and classifying industrial processes and operates on a 24V industrial supply.
Kistler Type 5881B Automatic Quality Control System (AQCS)
The AQCS is used in conjunction with quartz cavity pressure sensors for measuring cavity pressure on injection molding machines, and is used to monitor and control the injection molding process.
Kistler Type 8810 K-Guard™ Vibration Switch
The Model 8810 K-Guard is a stand-alone electronic vibration monitoring device that guards machinery against excessive vibration levels caused by imbalance, misalignment, looseness, worn bearings, etc.