Mounting Equipment For Accelerometers, Force Transducers & Pressure Transducers

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The mounting of accelerometers, force sensors and pressure transducers are
important considerations when attaching these products to achieve maximum
response and performance. Kistler has a wide range of mounting adapters for their extensive range of transducers.

We suggest you review this section when selecting a transducer. In addition you
may wish to contact one of our applications personnel to help guide you through your selection.

Acceleration Sensors
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Kistler Special Tools and Sensor Dummies
Please see PDF for full specifications.
Kistler Seals and O-Rings, Type 1100... 1177
Please see PDF for full specifications.
Kistler Spark Plug Adaptor, Type 6517B
The Type 6517B spark plug adapter allows fitting of the Type 6052B miniature pressure sensor in the cylinder head of petrol engines, without the need for an additional measuring bore.
Mounting,Equipment,Accelerometers,Force Transducers,Pressure Transducers,Kistler,Instrument,Corporation
Kistler Glowplug Adapter, Type 6531Q, 6535Q
The glowplug adapter enables measurements of in-cylinder pressures to be taken without having an expensive separate measurement drilled hole.
Mounting,Equipment,Accelerometers,Force Transducers,Pressure Transducers,Kistler,Instrument,Corporation
Kistler Type 6567 Diaphragm Protection for High-Pressure Sensor Type 6215
The diaphragm protection Type 6567 has especially been developed for case mouth and port pressure measurements with the sensor Type 6215.
Kistler Switching Adapters for Engine Measurement, Type 737, 741A
Switching adapters with built-in water cooling are used in engine measurement for low-pressure indication in cylinders and in the gas exchange channels.
Mounting,Equipment,Accelerometers,Force Transducers,Pressure Transducers,Kistler,Instrument,Corporation
Kistler Cooled Switching Adapter, Type 7531
Two-way switching adapter with water cooling for cooling piezoresistive pressure sensors in inlet/exhaust ports of internal combustion engines.
Interference on signals due to component vibrations is prevented by vibration damping. Particularly suitable for low pressure indications.

Reliable up to exhaust gas temperatures of 1,000°C
Flow low pressure indication
Mounting,Equipment,Accelerometers,Force Transducers,Pressure Transducers,Kistler,Instrument,Corporation
Kistler Accelerometer Mounting Accessories, Type 8400... 8500... 8600...
Provide ground isolation for the accelerometer. They are attached to the test surface with an adhesive usually on surfaces less than ideal for direct mounting of the accelerometer. Pads are used in applications where multiple locations are to be measured using only one accelerometer.
Kistler Portable Walkway, Type 9401A
The walkway is designed to make the mobile force plates Type 9286 and Type 9288 even more flexible and easy to use.
Kistler Mounting Accessories For Load Washers
Please see PDF for full specifications.