Torque Measurement System TMS9000 Series from Lebow Products Inc

Torque, Measurement, System, TMS9000 Series, Lebow, Products, Inc Lebow's TMS9000 Torque Measurement System represents an advanced generation of rotary transformer sensors designed to operate completely in the digital domain for accurate measurement and output versatility. The TMS9000 series physically integrates rotor and telemetry into one element, with all set-up and output controlled through computer software, providing expansive testing capabilities.

The TMS9000 series integrates three microchip processors to measure torque signals and manage the data. The first processor is embedded in the heart of the TMS9000 sensor's rotor and transmits signal information throught the rotor antenna to the caliper style coupling module. The IP65 coupling module provides power transmission and signal recovery using BNC connectors and co-axial cable.

Signal information is relayed to the TMS9000 signal processing module (SPM) housing two micro processors which share the work of data processing and communications. The first processor verifies incoming data by means of its checksum, then performs scaling in linearization, then passes the data to the second processor where it is converted to the analog, frequency or digital output format chosen by the user. Two way communications between the computer and processing module allows the system to be configured, calibrated and interrogated remotely.

Mechanical Sensor Features:
No hoop antenna
System error < 0.05% FS
High torsional stiffness
Low rotating inertia
Vareity of mating flange designs:
- Flex coupling
- Custom

Electrical Features:
19 bit digital telemetry: Resolution up to 100,000 counts
3kHz frequency response
Standard outputs: analog, frequency, digital
Add on interfaces: ethernet, CANopen, USB, PC104
True shunt cal feature
NEMA 4/IP65 rated

Lebow TMS9000 Series Torque Measurement System