Smart Compression Load Cell With Digital Output Revere Transducers Model SCC

The SCC, Smart Compression Cell is a multi-column, low profile, stainless steel, compression load cell with a digital output signal.

This digital output enables the user to communicate with each SCC independently of the others in the system, thus offering advantages in system setup, system control, corner correction, fault finding and load cell replacement.

Suitable applications for this product include various types of road and rail weighbridges, and process weighing.


Digital output via RS485 or RS422 interface
Low profile, multi-column, stainless steel construction
Hermetically sealed, IP66 and IP68
Certified to OIML R-60, 4000d
Internal diagnostics
Internal lightning protection
240,000 counts resolution
Maximum transmission distance 1200m
Capacities: 30, 40 and 50t

Revere Transducers Model SCC Smart Compression Cell