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Wireless,Telemetry,Systems,Series,300,SRI,Pmd,Inc Wireless Telemetry Systems from SRI PMD Inc., have been designed and produced for more than 20 years. The transmit side of these Wireless Telemetry Systems, capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 1500ºC and acceleration forces of up to 20,000 Gs, have provided access to temperature, strain, pressure or other types of critical measurement data from locations where hard wire interconnects or slip rings-have proven ineffective, cumbersome or unreliable.

The first of its kind! Telemetry and Signal Conditioning for Multiple and Mixed Sensor Types

Introduced in 1997, the Series 300 Wireless Telemetry Systems product line offered the first digital implementation of the Wireless Link.

The user friendly, programmable capabilities of the Wireless Telemetry Systems quickly led to its utilization in a wide variety of user applications.

Due to a unique mixture of high technology RF, analog and digital circuitry, a highly versatile measurement capability is provided in a variety of compact packages fully supporting applications requiring low power consumption and high reliability while still being offered at an affordable price.

Supporting anywhere from 1 to 16 sensor channel inputs, all Wireless Telemetry Systems Series 300 products provide both highly accurate analog and high-speed digital measurement outputs.

Wireless Telemetry Systems Series 300 products are available in a variety of design options. The SS-320 versions of products provide digital telemetry capability operating in the versatile 902 to 928 MHz ISM frequency band. The SS-360 versions operate in the classic 88 to 108 MHz FM frequency bands and is mainly targeted towards the harsh and unique in-engine automotive environments.

Based on the exact end-user requirements, an optimized product choice can be found to provide extremely robust wireless communications, even in indoor environments where building structures may obstruct a direct line-of-site transmission or in contaminated environments such as inside engine compartments.