Load Sensing Bolts & Studs from Strainsert

Load,Sensing,Bolts,Studs,Strainsert Load Sensing Bolts & Studs from Strainsert, with built-in strain gauges, permit:

Measurement of loads induced in fasteners
Accurate tightening of fasteners within 1% of induced load
Uniform tightening of fasteners in a bolt pattern
Overload detection in bolted machinery
Use of fasteners as load-link transducers
Quarter-, and full-bridge configurations

How Load Sensing Bolts & Studs from Strainsert Can Be Applied:

Fasteners can be accurately tightened and the preload measured to a tolerance of better than 1% of the maximum load. In the past, the only possible method of measuring load was with a torque wrench. The accuracy of a torque wrench in the hands of an experienced operator is, at best, 20%.

Bolted equipment can be inspected after assembly. There is no practical method except with internally gauged bolts to measure preload on a tightened bolt.

Internally gauged fasteners strategically placed in equipment can act as built-in sensors for overload detection.

Assemblies can be monitored and inspected under simulated or actual service conditions to see if any external forces exceed the preload. Overloads due to vibration, shock, etc. can be easily measured at any time during the life of the assembly.

Very accurate analysis of bolt loading can be made over a continuous time period. In applications of this type, internally gauged bolts become a new basic research tool.

Gauged bolts and studs can be used as inexpensive load cells.

Strainsert Custom Load Sensing Bolts & Studs