Flat Load Cells Fatique Rated from Strainsert

Flat,Load,Cells,Fatique,Rated,Strainsert Flat Load Cells from Strainsert provide the best features required by fatigue applications and are provided for in the structure.

Flat Load Cells structure is simple and compact, consisting of an inner loading hub and an outer supporting flange bridged smoothly by a uniformly continuous solid shear web. Strain gauges are installed and sealed inside small gauge holes along the neutral axis of the web. Structural stress raisers are avoided. The lowest deflection and highest natural frequency of any available load cell are thus obtained, along with the highest resistance to extraneous forces. Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of Flat Load Cells are fully tabulated in Brochure #365-4MP.

Flat Load Cells long fatigue life and stability is mainly due to the very low strain levels the shear gauges are subjected to: 500 microstrain FS for completely reversed "C/R" rating and 750 microstrain FS for unidirectional "U/D" rating at 2 mV/V and 3 mV/V output signal levels respectively.

Strainsert Fatigue Rated Universal Flat Load Cells