Cap Screws 12-Point from Strainsert

Cap,Screws,12,Point,Strainsert Cap Screws from Strainsert utilize an exclusive internal gauging method to indicate bolt tension due to preload and subsequent service loads with strain gauge accuracy.

Cap Screws from Strainsert are the first fasteners to provide a means for accurate, independent inspection of an assembled bolt for preload, thereby enhancing the structural integrity and reliability of both the bolt and the assembly.

The gauging process consists of the installation of foil type strain gauges bonded in a small hole drilled along the longitudinal neutral axis of the bolt. This method compares favorably in accuracy and stability with the best external gauge installations, but it is vastly superior to external installations in mechanical and environmental ruggedness and miniaturization since the internal strain gauge installation is self-protecting.

Neither the gauge nor the drilled hole reduce the allowable bolt load in a Strainsert fastener. The gauge installation will withstand and accurately indicate the full allowable load of the highest strength bolts available. Hole depth is confined to the grip length of the bolt and the hole diameter is controlled so that the bolt cross-section through the threads is smaller than the section through the shank with the gauge hole.

To Measure accurate preload, service load and overload of bolted assemblies.

For Maximum uniformity, efficiency and reliability in bolted assemblies.

For Effective research, testing and manufacture of bolted assemblies.

Strainsert Standard Internally Gauged 12-Point Cap Screws, SDH Series