Standard Studs Strainsert ST

Standard,Studs,Strainsert,ST Standard Studs Strainsert ST Series employ an exclusive internal gauging technique to detect the loads induced in them. The technique consists of the installation of foil type strain gauges inside a small hole drilled along the longitudinal neutral axis of the Stud. This is far superior to the usual external gauge installations both in mechanical and environmental ruggedness. Furthermore, a neatly miniaturized packaging is achieved by using the Stud itself to protect and seal the strain gauge circuit. Still, this arrangement compares very favorably with the best external gauge installations in accuracy and stability.

Standard Studs Strainsert ST Series, along with other internally gauged fasteners, were the first to provide the means for direct, accurate and independent inspection of assembled structures under simulated or actual service conditions. Vibration and Shock loads, as well as static loads, on such assemblies can be easily measured to determine their structural reliability and integrity.

Standard Studs Strainsert ST Series can also be used as inexpensive force transducers in many instances.


Accurately senses loads induced in studs
Senses overloads in assembled equipment
Available in quarter bridge and full bridge gauge configurations
Can be used as an inexpensive force link transducer

Strainsert Standard Internally Gauged Studs