DC Amplifier Unipulse Model AM30AZ

DC,Amplifier,Unipulse,Model,AM30AZ AM30AZ is convenient for measurement with multi-channels.

This amplifier can exhibit power performance for broadband operation (DC-100 kHz). AM30AZ is a general-purpose amplifier with an extremely low drift, although it achieves high gain so that voltage can be amplified up to 10000 times. Equipped with a wide range of calibration and a low-pass filter, it can be applied to various experiments and measurements. AM30AZ is also equipped with the electronic auto zero function that allows a burdensome zero point adjustment to be made by one-touch operation. It is convenient for measurement with multi-channels.

DC Amplifier Features:

  • High-speed response characteristic at DC, 100 kHz
  • Voltage amplification of up to 10000 times
  • Wide-range calibration, low-pass filter equipped
  • AM30AZ with electronic auto-zero function