Built-in Type High-Speed Sampling Weighing Controller Unipluse Model F160

Weighing Controller,Unipluse,Model,F160 F160 is a weighing controller equipped with various high-specification functions. It is ideal for the use in a limited space.

F160 is a weighing controller ideal for the use in a limited space such as the inside of a control panel. In addition to a high-accuracy amplifier with extremely low drift installed, various high-specification functions such as high-speed sampling, and the weighing sequence function and control input-output which are convenient for automatic weighing machines, are packed into a compact body.

Weighing Controller Features:

  • One option interface can be selected from CC-link or BCD output
  • Convenient function of sequential weighing for auto weighing scales
  • High-speed A/D conversion and powerful digital processing capability of 1000 times/sec
  • High display resolution of 1/10000 for all input range (Internal resolution 1/40000)
  • Super low drift of 0.1µV/°C (Typ0.08µV/°C)