LCD Touch Panel Display Digital Indicator Unipluse Model F370 & F371

LCD,Touch,Panel,Display,Digital,Indicator,Unipluse,Model,F370,F371 It is able to visually capture in waveforms the fluctuations in physical quantities which are difficult to capture by only numerical values.

A state-of-the-art digital indicator that controls measurement by amplifying and performing high-speed digital processing of recognizable signals received from a strain gauge sensor that measures pressure, load or torque. With utilization of liquid crystal touch panel display, visibility and operability of waveform display and others are greatly improved. Through its ample 20 types of waveform hold function, it is the best digital indicator for graders and testers used in results judgment of assembling work and auto machining.

(ANALOG OUT only for F371)

Weighing Controller Features:

  • Powerful waveform hold functions that enable holding an accurate point
  • Hold point marked with red dot on waveform for easy confirmation
  • Monitoring of input waveform enabled on graphic screen
  • Compact square DIN 96 size
  • High-speed digital processing capability of 2000 times/sec
  • Color liquid crystal display attaining both visibility and operability
  • CE marking approved
  • (Functions equipped only with F371)
    Analog monitor output, standard built-in RS-232C

  • F370 and F371 are scheduled to shift to F372.
    The production end date has not yet been determined. For details, contact our staff in charge of measurement and weighing instrument sales.

Force Measurement Unipulse Model F370

Force Measurement Unipulse Model F371