Weighing Controller for Issuing Transaction Slips Unipluse Model F860

Weighing,Controller,Issuing Transaction Slips,Unipluse,Model,F860 F860 is ideal for truck scales.

F860 is a desktop weighing controller equipped with all the functions to issue transaction slips required for material transactions. Registration of vehicle number and manufacturer code, temporary storage of incoming weight, and data registration for each specific vehicle number or manufacturer are available. In addition, adoption of interactive setting menus, easy-to-press mechanical keys, and large weight display with high visibility allows quick, stress-free operation even in adverse conditions of a work place, etc. Connecting it to the dedicated printer M290 allows issuing of transaction slips. F860 is ideal for truck scales.

  • User-friendly mechanical keys for high operability
  • Up to 200 ID numbers can be stored in memory and up to 100 transactions can be stored in temporary memory.
  • Connected to optional M290 printer for transaction record print out
  • Easy discharge control function
  • Special purpose large high-intensity fluorescent display that gives appropriate operation guidance