Unipulse Model M350 Intelligent Printer

Unipulse,Model,M350,Intelligent,Printer The Unipulse Model M350 is a full feature dot matrix intelligent printer with all the high-end capabilities you expect from Unipulse. A built-in reeling systems keeps the printout neatly in place. Broad statistical functions allow you to interpret data easily. Sub total, grand total, target value, range, standard deviation, histogram and displacement diagram are just some of the 32 code classified functions available.

Unipulse standard 2-wire serial interface connects quickly to other Unipulse devices. Optical BCD and RS-232C interface allows communication to PC's, PLC's or other peripherals. The M350 not only prints weight or mass, 40 other units are available, length, volume, velocity, acceleration, frequency, rotary speed, density, force, moment, pressure, stress, mass flow, volume flow, temperature and percentage are just some of the statistics included. An optional memory card can be used to transfer data to a PC for further analysis.