Signal Conditioning Amplifier System, Vishay Model A2

Signal Conditioning Amplifier System, Vishay Model A2The A2 is an analog signal conditioner and amplifier system for strain gauges, strain-gauge-based transducers, thermocouples and various other sensors with high-level signals. Scalable in multiples of eight channels to a maximum of 128 for each system, the A2 features digital control of the system instrumentation and monitoring of the analog outputs, both locally on the control panel and remotely by Ethernet from a PC. The Model A2 is an embedded web server. All system, card and channel settings are accessible using simple HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) commands or by using the graphical user interface provided by the system. Ordinary web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, can be used to control the system. The A2 is specially designed to function as the front-end for DAQ's and recorders accepting high-level analog signals.


Strain gauge, transducer and thermocouple inputs
Frequency response to 110 kHz
Analog output of +/-10 VDC
Operation with 12 to 15 VDC and 120/240 Vac power
Scalable from 8 to 128 channels in high-density enclosures
Digital control from both front panel and PC over Ethernet
Remote channel-by-channel monitoring of signals by Ethernet

Signal Conditioning Amplifier System Model A2