Strain Gauge (Gage) Simulator Vishay Model V/E-40

Strain, Gauge, Gage, Simulator, Vishay, Model V/E-40Strain Gauge (Gage) Simulator Vishay Model V/E-40 is aA precision decad resistor for accurately simulating the behavior of Strain Gauges (Gages) and RTD's.

Strain Gauge (Gage) Simulator Features:

5 decade selector switches.
Resistance range: 30.00 to 1111.10 Ohm in 0.01 Ohm steps.
High precision Vishay resistors used throughout to ensure excellent stability.
Accuracy 0.02% of setting.
Simulates tension and compression strain for most widely used strain gauge resistance values.
Simulates a broad range of RTD's for instrumentation setup and calibration.