System 7000 StrainSmart Digital Data Acquisition System

System 7000, StrainSmart, Digital, Data Acquisition SystemDigital Data Acquisition System:

Acquires data from measurements
Stores acquired data
Reduces data to meaningful units
Presents reduced data for viewing

Design Concepts:

Versatile Performance - Multiple sensors (strain gauges, strain-gauge-based transducers, high-level voltage signals and thermocouples).
Self Calibrating - Removable NIST-traceable calibration standard in each unit
Distributed System - Multiple data acquisition units can be located near sensors to reduce cable costs
StrainSmart Based - Next generation hardware for StrainSmart software
Ethernet Network Architecture - Low latency inter-channel communications for input response and near real-time data viewing
High Channel Density - 128 channels in a 19-in x 4U box
Latest Technology Hardware - 24-bit Delta-Sigma ADC, on-board DSP's and Compact Flash data storage
DC Operation - 11 to 32 VDC, AC adapter available

Performance Features:

• Circular buffer of up to 800,000 samples per channel
• Simultaneous sampling
• Scanning rates up to 2048 samples/second/channel for all channels
  - Radix 10 sampling rates
  - Radix 2 sampling rates
• Dedicated Compact Flash non-volatile memory for each input and output card
  - Maximum of 2GB storage (1GB standard)
• Separate high speed communications busses
  - Synchronous data bus
  - Asynchronous command bus
• Distributed System
  - Scalable from 8 to thousands of channels
  - Multiple 128 channel scanners per system
  - Up to 100 meters between scanners (when synchronized)
• High Channel Density
  - 8 channels per input/output card
  - 128 channels per scanner
  - Height: 4U, Width: Rack mountable in 19 inch cabinets (128-channel box)

Network Architecture

• Ethernet Interface
  - IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, half and full-duplex, auto-detect

System 7000 StrainSmart Data System