Transducer Class Strain Gauges

Transducer, Class, Strain GaugesTransducer Class Strain Gauges, Bondable Resistors, Installation Accessories. Micro-Measurements has been a trusted name in the field of Strain Gauge Technology for more than 35 years.

We are proud of our worldwide reputation as a premier supplier of high-quality precision strain gauges and strain gauge accessories, and are fully committed to maintaining our position as the leader in this field.

This catalog of Micro-Measurements Transducer-Class Strain Gauges and related products for OEM applications is intended to provide an overview of the sensors and installation accessories and tools needed for successful transducer strain gauge applictions.

Transducer-Class Strain Gauges are a select group of gauge patterns designed specifically for transducer applications. The main objective is optimum gauge performance at lower cost in high-volume production quantities.