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Micro-Measurements is a trusted name in the field of strain gauge technology for more than 35 years. A premier supplier of starin gauge instruments,accessories and photoeleastic instruments and supplies. Vishay have been associated with Intertechnology Inc., since their founding. The measurements Group acquired JP Technologies and BLH, two respected names in Strain Gauge manufacturing, to support their growing global demand for strain gauges and instrumentation.

We are now pleased to provide a series of Technical Papers on a variety of products from the Measurements Group including Material Safety Data Sheets
Vishay Measurements Group Strain Gauges Catalog 500 CD
The Catalog 500 CD lists a wide range of the precision metal-foil Strain Gauges and Special Purpose Sensors manufactured by the Micro-Measurements Division of Measurements Group Inc
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Linear Displacement Sensor
Micro-Measurements Linear Displacement Sensor uses a fully active 350 Ohm strain-gauge bridge to sense spindle displacement, giving infinite resolution and excellent linearity.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Model 1601 LVDT Adapter & Model 1611 Thermocouple Adapter
Linear Variable Differential Transformer Adapter (LVDT) outputs can now be measured/displayed/recorded with standard strain gauge instrumentation.
Thermocouple Adapter Model 1611 adds a new dimension to strain gauge instrumentation by allowing thermocouple outputs to be monitored with standard strain-measuring instruments.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
 Stress Analysis Strain Gauges
Transducer Class Strain Gauges
Transducer-Class Strain Gauges are a select group of gauge
patterns designed specifically for transducer applications. The main objective is optimum gauge performance at lower cost in high-volume production quantities.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Residual Stress Measurement
Strain Gauges and Instrumentation for Residual Stress Measurements.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
M-Line Strain Gauge Accessories
Strain Gauge Accessories Vishay M-Line have been developed and selected for effectiveness, ease-of-use in making strain gauge installations, reliability and consistency of properties.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Basic Strain Gauge (Gage) Instrumentation
Basic Strain Gage Instrumentation requirements call for stability, accuracy and high resolution when making measurements under static loading conditions, and particularly where measurements are to be taken over long periods of time.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Model 2000 Analog-to-Digital Converter
The Model 2000 Analog-to-Digital Converter Module is programmable with simple commands to a GPIB (IEEE-488) interface. It accepts up to 16 analog signals of +/-10Vdc full scale.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Model V/E-40 Strain Gauge Simulator
A precision decade resistor for accurately simulating the behavior of strain gauges and RTD's.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
 Signal Conditioning Amplifiers
Model A2 Signal Conditioner Amplifier System
The A2 is an analog signal conditioner and amplifier system for strain gauges, strain-gauges based transducers, thermocouples and various other sensors with high-level signals.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Model 2100 System Signal Conditioners
Signal Conditioning Amplifier Vishay 2100, amplifiers accept low-level signals, and conditions and amplifies them into high-level outputs suitable for multiple channel simultaneous dynamic recording.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Model 2200 Signal Conditioning Amplifier System
A high-performance dynamic instrumentation system for conditioning and amplification of strain gauge and transducer inputs.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Model 2300 Signal Conditioning Amplifier System
A versatile, multi-channel, dynamic instrumentation system that generates high-level signals from strain gauges (or strain gauge based transducers) for display or recording of data on external equipment.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
 Strain Indicators & Calibrators  
Model P3 Strain Indicator & Recorder
The P3 Strain Indicator is a portable, battery- operated instrument capable of simultaneously accepting four inputs from quarter-, half-, and full-bridge strain-gauge circuits, including strain-gauge-based transducers.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Model 1550A Strain Indicator Calibrator
Strain Indicator Calibrator Vishay Model 1550A is atrue Wheatstone-bridge simulator, the 1550A Strain Indicator Calibrator presents known and repeatable resistance changes to the input of the indicator.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
 Digital Data Systems  
System 5000 Featuring StrainSmart Software
The stress analysis data system. Your total solution for stress.analysis, structural and materials testing.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
System 6000 Featuring StrainSmart Software
The new Stress Analysis Data System 6000 is a powerful.hardware / software approach for Data Acquisition, Reduction.and Presentation for Strain Gauges and related Sensors for Stress Analysis.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
System 7000
Micro-Measurements System 7000 builds upon the years of experience gained since the introduction of Systems 4000, 5000, and 6000 by continuing to provide a complete hardware/software approach to data acquisition, reduction, and presentation for strain gages and related sensors for stress analysis testing.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
StrainSmart Software for Stress Analysis Testing
StrainSmart is a ready-to-use, Windows-based software system for acquiring, reducing, presenting and storing measurement data from strain gauges, strain-gauge-based transducers, thermocouples, temperature sensors, LVDT's, potentiometers, piezoelectric sensors and other commonly used transducers.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
 Special Purpose Equipment  
Model 1300 Gauge Installation Tester
Strain Gage Installation Tester Vishay Model 1300 is used to verify the electrical quality of an installed strain gage, as well as the complete gage installation, including leadwires.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
Model 700 Portable Strain Gauge Welding & Soldering Unit
A battery-operated capacitive discharge spot welder for attaching and wiring weldable strain gauges and temperature sensors.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
PhotoStress is a full-field technique used in Stress Analysis Testing. Initial observation of a photoelastic pattern provides quick qualitative analysis of the overall stress distribution., and then accurate quantitative data at any selected point(s) is easily obtained using straightforward measurement techniques and modern optical instrumentation.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
PhotoStress Instrumentation
Full-field measurement solutions for stress analysis testing.
Vishay, Measurements, Group
 Installation Accessories  
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