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In many if the process control industries, liquid level measurement sensors fall into two main types. Point level measurement sensors are used to mark a single discrete liquid height – a preset level condition. Generally, this type of sensor functions as a high alarm, signaling an overfill condition, or as a marker for a low alarm condition. Continuous liquid level sensors are more sophisticated and can provide level monitoring of an entire system. They measure fluid level within a range, rather than at a one point, producing an analog output that directly correlates to the level in the vessel. To create a liquid level management system, the output signal is linked to a process control loop and to a visual indicator.

The Liquid Level Controls: Liquid Level Measurement Directory offers a comprehensive range of liquid level controls, liquid level measurement, level instrumentation and level sensors available from industry leading manufacturers.


Capacitance Level Sensors

Capacitance level sensors for the level regulation up to 250°C hot materials, e.g.: hot-melt - adhesives, waxes, glues, oil and chemicals.

Capacitance Point Level Switches

Small changes in level create large changes in frequency. As a result Pointek capacitance level switches have greater sensitivity and consistently outperform conventional devices. With their robust aluminum enclosures and process connections, Siemens Pointek switches are proven superior performers even in tough bulk solids applications

Continuous Level Measurement

Continuous level measurement is used for monitoring dynamic processes. These measurements are transmitted as an analog signal or digital value. Siemens offers a comprehensive range of continuous level measurement transmitters based on a variety of technologies; ultrasonic, radar, guided wave radar, capacitance, gravimetric and hydrostatic.

Continuous Level Indicator

The Ramsey C-Level Continuous Level Indicator's simple operation and ease of calibration have made it a favorite with users in a variety of industries ranging from food processing to asphalt plants. Its microprocessor-based control uses input from up to 8 sensors to calculate and display the material level on an easy-to-read LED bar graph.

Interface Level Measurement

In the field of interface measurement and monitoring, Siemens broad portfolio includes a large number of devices for many interface measurement applications, and includes the following products.SITRANS LC500, Pointek CLS 100, CLS 200, CLS 300 and CLS 500 are capacitance instruments for a wide range of tasks. The SITRANS LG200 uses guided wave radar technolgy.

Level Measurement

A comprehensive modular system provides the basis for the configuration of individual level indicators – cost-efficient and directly suited to customer needs. Depending on requirements, we offer level indicators with almost any defined switching points, quasi-analog with dry reed resistor chains and a resolution of up to 5mm.

Level Controls, Level Instrumentation, Level Sensors

Level Sensors

Level Sensors From Burkert.

Level Switches

Level Switches from Flowline featuring EchoSwitch Multi-Point Ultrasonic Level Switch, Smart Trak Level Switch, Float-Point Level Switch, Switch-Pak Level Switch, Switch-Pro Level Switch, Switch-Tek Ultrasonic Level Switch, Switch-Tek Vibration Level Switch, and more.

Level Controls, Level Instrumentation, Level Sensors

Level Transmitters

Level Transmitters from Flowline featuring EchoSpan, EchoTouch, EchoSonic, EchoDucer, FloaTek, DeltaSpan, Symprobe, Cricket, Ricochet, two-wire ultrasonic level transmitters, float level transmitters, pressure level transmitters, capacitance level transmitters, and alphasonic level transmitters.

Liquid Level Controllers

Liquid level controllers includes pump alternating, visual run-time meters, hand-off-auto control and alarm outputs.

Magnetic Liquid Level Indicator

The KENCO Magna-Site™ is a magnetic liquid level indicator used to determine the volume of liquid contained within a vessel. Because the Magna-Site™ eliminates the need for glass, high pressure applications and hazardous locations are protected from the danger of a chemical spill due to glass failure.

Mechanical Level Measurement

Versatile and Robust Mechanical Level Indication Solutions for Storage Tanks.

Oil Level Controller

The KENCO Oil Level Controllers are designed to control a constant oil level in the crankcase of stationary engines, compressors, and mechanical lubricator boxes. The KENCO oil controller works in conjunction with an overhead oil supply system which feeds the oil level controller.

Portable Sound Level Meters

The sound level meter HD 8701 is a portable instrument, easy and quick to use,
suitable for measuring industrial and civil noise levels. The noise levels can be read easily in dB(A) on the large liquid crystal display which also shows all the information concerning the mode of operation of the instrument.

Ultrasonic Level Sensors

The small, compact LevelSonic Ultrasonic Level Sensors offer non-contact measurement of liquids and solid levels. The transmitter is two-wire loop-powered and uses a simple magnetic key to set up the level range to be measured, as well as selecting the response rate and default currents. On-board AND visible operating and fault indication keeps you informed of the operational and fault status at the transmitter.

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