Progressive Cavity Drum Pump B70V-D 80.1 and 120.1

Lutz, Progressive Cavity Pump, B70V-D/DA, B70V-D 80.1 and 120.1The B70V-D 80.1 and 120.1 is a powerful eccentric screw pump for semi-viscous or even highly viscous, tough media right up to their flowability limits. For applications in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, no special shaft joint is needed. The pump is either driven by 3-phase gear motors or variable gear motors.

Liquid examples:
Chemical industry:
acids, lyes, sludge, viscous pastes, dispersions, adhesives, etc.
Cosmetics industry:
creams, soaps, toothpaste, shampoos and raw materials for soaps.
Confectionery industry:
honey, syrups and preserves.
Paint and lacquer factories:
paints, lacquers and pastes
Food industry:
milk, whey, cheese, spread and ketchup.
Mineral oil industry:
high-viscosity oils and fluid greases


  • For highly-viscous media, right to their flowability limits from 1- 120.000 cps (1- 120.000 mPas)

  • For high flow rates

  • Positive displacement pump with bearing flange according to eccentric screw principle

  • For stationary use

  • With powerfull three-phase (variable) gear motors


  • Smooth flow

  • Constant volumetric flow

  • Quiet operation

  • Easy handling

  • Easy to clean

  • Minimum wear

Sealing system:
Packing gland (St)

Drive shaft :
Universal joint shaft (UJ)

Immersion length:
39" (1000 mm)

Lutz, Progressive Cavity Pump, B70V-D/DA, 25.2 and 50.1The B70V-D 80.1 and 120.1 pump must not be used for flammable liquids.

Technical Data

B70V-D 80.1 B70V-D 120.1
Housing: Stainless steel (316)  Stainless steel (316) 
Seals: Viton® Viton®
Mechanical seal:    -  -
Packing gland: PTFE soft packing, safe for use with foodstuffs PTFE soft packing, safe for use with foodstuffs
Drive shaft:  Stainless steel (316)   Stainless steel (316) 
Rotor: Stainless steel (316)  Stainless steel (316) 
Stator:  PTFE PTFE
Nominal diameter: 4.72 in
120 mm
4.72 in
120 mm
Temperature of medium:   up to 284 °F
up to 140 °C 
up to 284 °F
up to 140 °C  
Hose connection:  2" male BSP  2" male BSP 
Length:**  39"
1000 mm 
1000 mm 

Operating data

B70V-D 80.1 B70V-D 120.1
Delivery rate:* up to 21 GPM
up to 80 l/min
up to 31 GPM
up to 120 l/min
Delivery head:* up to 200 ft.
up to 6 bar
up to 200 ft.
up to 6 bar
Viscosity: 1 - 120.000 cps 
1 - 120.000 mPas 
1 - 120.000 cps 
1 - 120.000 mPas  


3-phase gear motor for B70V-D 80.1 and 120.1

Lutz, Progressive Cavity Pump, B70V-D/DA, B70V-D 80.1 and 120.1

Reliable and persistant three-phase motor with gear box and cable terminal box.

  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • 230/460 V / 60Hz
  • 1.5 kW / 2.0 HP up to 3.0 kW / 4.0HP
  • 107 up to 700 rpm
  • TEFC splash-proof in accordance with protection class IP 54
  • Three-phase, variable gear motors or with frequency converter for manually adjustable speed range on request

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