Low Volume Flow pH Detector
From Sensorex

Low Volume Flow pH Detector From Sensorex

Low,Volume,Flow,pH,Detector,SensorexSensorex manufactures fast response 50 and 200 microliter internal volume flow cells for pH measurement. All cells are made of clear Acrylic or Kynar (PVDF). Designs include 1/16" inlet and outlet fittings. All cells use the standard, economical Sensorex 450CD Flat Surface Combination pH/Reference Electrode or a special version of 450CD with 100psig pressure tolerance (model 970277).

The pH Detectors are designed for use with a variety of instrumental techniques such as FIA, HPLC and IEF and are also used to continuously monitor the pH of low volume flows in bench scale chemical systems.

Both the 50 and 200 microliter internal volume flow cells are
available in acrylic or PVDF and are supplied with inlet and outlet fittings sized for standard 1/16" OD tubing. The cells' ports have 1/4-28 threads which accept a variety of other tube fittings.

Very low internal volumes are achieved by using a flat surface pH electrode located at the top of the flow cavity. The resulting rectangular cross-section flow path has no protruding parts which could interfere with a clean sweeping flow.

The Flat Surface Electrode, Sensorex Model 450CD, is a combination pH/Reference electrode with double reference junction design. It includes both a pH and reference half cell. The reference electrode is a sealed, gel-filled design and includes a peripheral, semi-porous polyethylen junction.

  • Fast response!

  • Choice of 200uL or ultra-low volume 50uL flow cells

  • Acrylic or PVDF (biocompatible) materials of construction

  • Supplied with flangeless 1/4-28 fittings for 1/16” OD for tubing

  • Use with Flat-Surface Easy-To-Clean Electrode

  • Model available for 100psi use


  • pH Range - 0-14 pH Na+ error >12.3 pH)

  • Wetted Materials - Acrylic, PVDF, pH Glass, epoxy, BUNA-N

  • Max Temperature - 100 degrees C

  • Max Pressure - 60 psig except for 970282 = 100 psig

  • Cable Length - 30 inches

  • Connectors - Choice of BNC

  • Others available at additional cost.

Low Volume Flow pH Detector

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