Sure Cross® PM Series Models

PM Series Models

Performance PM8 or PM2 Gateway

Easy to Deploy

1. Choose the I/O map
2. Bind the radios
3. Wire in the I/O connections


  • Call for parts
  • Machine status
  • Remote indication
  • Supervisory control
  • Digital or analog wire replacement

Simple Wire Replacement. Banner Engineering's new Sure Cross® Performance PMx series easily replaces discrete and analog signal wires. With no setup software needed, the PMx series of radios are easy to apply, use, and support.

Easy to Apply

  • Choose from two I/O model configurations
  • Select from eight pre-mapped network topologies

Easy to Use

  • No software needed
  • Menu driven LCD User Interface

Easy to Support

  • Use LCD for I/O and signal strength monitoring
  • Advanced expandability via User Configuration Tool software

Sure Cross PM series of I/O radios provides a flexible network that allows you to distribute discrete and analog signals over long ranges. With no software required, you can replace cables and extend range of digital and analog signals with minimum effort. See Banner's Sure Cross PM Series flyer for more information.

Performance PM2 Models

The PM2 models have four sourcing discrete inputs, four sourcing discrete outputs, two analog inputs, and two analog outputs in both the Gateway and the Node.

PM2 Gateway to PM2 Node I/O

A wireless PM2 system consists of one PM2 Gateway and up to two PM2 Nodes, both of the same frequency.

Gateways Nodes Frequency Documents
DX80G9M6S-PM2 DX80N9X6S-PM2 900 MHz Gateway Datasheet: 173566
Node Datasheet: 173567
Quick Start Guide: 173568
DX80G2M6S-PM2 DX80N2X6S-PM2 2.4 GHz

Models ending in "C" are screw terminal versions.

Performance PM8 Models

The PM8 models have six PNP discrete inputs and six PNP outputs in both the Gateway and the Node.

PM8 Gateway to PM8 Node I/O

A wireless PM8 system consists of one PM8 Gateway and up to six PM8 Nodes, both of the same frequency.

Gateways Nodes Frequency Documents
DX80G9M6S-PM8 DX80N9X6S-PM8 900 MHz Gateway Datasheet: 173569
Node Datasheet: 173570
Quick Start Guide: 173571
DX80G2M6S-PM8 DX80N2X6S-PM8 2.4 GHz

Models ending in "C" are screw terminal versions. Models ending in "L" have no LCD.

PM Kits

Simple wire replacement is even simplier with the PM kits. Each kit comes with a pre-mapped and pre-bound Gateway and Node.

PM Kit

Model Includes I/O Frequency Documents
DX80K9M6-PM2 1 Gateway, 1 Node

4 Discrete in, 4 Discrete out, 2 Analog in, 2 Analog out

900 MHz

Kit Datasheet: 182639

DX80K2M6-PM2 1 Gateway, 1 Node 2.4 GHz
DX80K9M6-PM8 1 Gateway, 1 Node 6 Discrete in, 6 Discrete out 900 MHz

Kit Datasheet: 182640

DX80K2M6-PM8 1 Gateway, 1 Node 2.4 GHz


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