Sure Cross® Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Temperature/Humidity Sensors

The Banner wireless temperature and humidity solution can be built on either the Performance or the Modbus MultiHop platform. These industrial radio devices provide reliable wireless environmental measurements without the need for costly wiring runs to the monitoring points. Choose between the star (Performance) or tree (MultiHop) RF topologies, enabling highly flexible deployments to suit the desired area of coverage.

  • Achieves humidity accuracy of +/-2% relative humidity and temperature accuracy of +/-0.3%ºC

  • Temperature and relative humidity sensing elements housed in a robust metal housing

  • Traceable to NIST standards

  • Reduces labor costs by obviating manual checks and eliminating error

  Models Notes Network Size
Temp/Humidity Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Model: M12FTH3Q

Temperature Sensor
Model: M12FT3Q

Modbus slave

Datasheet: 163751

NIST Traceabiliy Calibration Certificate

Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Model M12FTH4Q

Temperature Sensor
Model M12FT4Q

1-wire serial interface, designed to work with the Performance Node with Serial Interface (P6) and MultiHop M-H6 models

Datasheet: 162669

Quick Start Guide: 173557

NIST Traceabiliy Calibration Certificate 

Nodes Compatible with the M12FTH3Q and M12FT3Q Sensors

Model Frequency I/O
DX80DR9M-H1 900 MHz (1 W) Inputs: Four discrete, two 0-20 mA analog, one thermistor, one counter
Outputs: Two NMOS discrete
Switch Power: Two
Serial interface: RS-485
DX80DR2M-H1 2.4 GHz (65 mW)
DX80DR9M-H2 900 MHz (1 W)

Inputs: Four discrete, two 0-20 mA analog
Outputs: Four sourcing discrete, two 0-20 mA analog
Serial interface: RS-485

DX80DR2M-H2 2.4 GHz (65 mW)
DX80DR9M-HB1 900 MHz (1 W) Inputs: Two NPN discrete, two 0-20 mA analog
Outputs: Two NMOS discrete
Switch Power Outputs: Two
DX80DR2M-HB1 2.4 GHz (65 mW)
DX80DR9M-HB2 900 MHz (1 W) Inputs: Two PNP discrete, two 0-20 mA analog
Outputs: Two PNP discrete, two 0-20 mA analog
DX80DR2M-HB2 2.4 GHz (65 mW)
DX80SR9M-H 900 MHz (1 W) Serial interface: RS-232, RS-485
DX80SR2M-H 2.4 GHz (65 mW)

Nodes Compatible with the M12FTH4Q and M12FT4Q Sensors

Model Frequency Battery Notes
DX80N9X1S-P6 900 MHz (1 W) Lithium D-cell 1-wire serial interface for one serial sensing
DX80N2X1S-P6 2.4 GHz (65 mW)
DX80DR9M-H6 900 MHz (1 W) 1-wire serial Modbus MultiHop slave
DX80DR2M-H6 2.4 GHz (65 mW)
DX80N2Q45TH 2.4 GHz (65 mW) Lithium AA-cell Wireless Q45 Node


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