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The pH/ORP Instruments: pH/ORP Controllers Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource.

The pH/ORP Instruments: pH/ORP Controllers Directory offers a comprehensive range of pH/ORP controllers, pH/ORP instrumentation, pH/ORP sensors and pH/ORP transmitter from the world's leading manufacturers.


1512 Cond/pH Controller

The Model 1512 is a microprocessor technology based, menu driven, water treatment controller designed for use in cooling towers, chill loops, boilers and condensate systems. The Model 1575 provides for conductivity and pH tracking and control, flow monitoring and chemical injection. The Model 1512 can be operated with or without the use of the conductivity or pH inputs input.

CyberScan Waterproof Portable pH/ORP/Conductvity Meters

Besides custom dual-display LCD, the CyberScan Standard and Waterproof series feature handy electrode holders for easy one-hand operation and built-in meter stands for table top measurements.

Differential pH/ORP Sensors

The P60C-8 pH and the R60C-8 ORP probes are dependable industrial grade sensors designed to provide accurate measurement and longer service life under the most demanding conditions.

Differential pH/ORP Sensors

This unique pH probe mounts in a standard 1 1/4” NPT tee, or in a tank, through a specially designed CPVC compression fitting.

Differential pH/ORP Sensors

The P60C-4 pH and the R60C-4 ORP probe are dependable industrial grade sensors designed to provide accurate measurement and longer service life under the most demanding conditions.

Fixed Insertion pH/ORP Sensors

These combination probes provide an economical alternative to higher cost models. The durable materials wetted by the process provide excellent chemical resistance.

Differential pH/ORP Transmitters

For added versatility, the P/R65C series, pH or ORP differential probes, are available with an integral encapsulated 4-20 mA two-wire transmitter to feed directly to a PLC or a DCS.

pH/ORP Controllers

The WPH410/420 and WDP410/420/440 Series pH/ORP on-line process controllers are designed for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and municipal water treatment applications. WPH controllers are easily configured to accurately measure pH or mV (ORP) values from Walchem's WEL and WDS differential combination electrodes, or any conventional combination electrode.

pH Controller

Advanced setup mode lets you set relay values, select pH or ORP control, select manual or automatic temperature compensation, and more. It also lets you view electrode slope and offset, and previous calibration points. The 1/8 DIN housing is ready to install in standard panels and NEMA rated boxes.

pH Controller

The pH 800 controller provides ±0.01 pH accuracy for reliable, easy-to-use on/off control of your pH and mV process. Two separately programmable relays are ideal for acid feed/base feed applications. Use the isolated 4-20 mA output to send data to your recorder or data acquisition system for hard copy reports.

pH Controller

OAKTON is proud to present our highly versatile 1000 series pH/ORP controller. Select from three control types. Use on/off control to shut off your pump or valve when your process passes its set points. Use pulse frequency or pulse length proportional control to gradually increase or decrease your pump’s or valve’s response, depending on the amount by which your process has passed the set point.

pH/ORP Controller - 1/4 DIN

The álpha 1000 Series Controller/Transmitter includes measurement for: pH, Redox (ORP), Conductivity, Resistivity and, Dissolved Oxygen. Each controller is equipped with a customized microprocessor - Application Specific Integrated Circuit, ASIC - and offers powerful features through the menu-driven SETUP program. Eight sub-menus help configure the controller for specific applications.

pH/ORP Controller - 1/8 DIN

alpha pH190 with improved user interface enables user to gain direct access to calibration mode with CAL key and allows quick set point adjustment with SP1 and SP2 keys.

pH/ORP Controller - 1/8 DIN

The álpha 200 pH controller / transmitter uses advanced microprocessor technology and is an ideal choice for industrial process monitoring and control applications.

pH/ORP Controller Wall Mount

Eutech Instruments’ Differential pH/ORP Measurement Technology consists of the alpha pH 2000D controller and a pH/ORP differential electrode. Unlike conventional combination electrodes, the differential electrode is designed for more durability in harsh industrial environments such as wastewater treatment.

pH Process Electrodes

Our process line of pH electrodes features a complete selection of our world renown flat surface measuring technology as well as the more common place round or spherical bulbs. Models are available for In-Line, Submersion and Wet-Tap installations. Learn more about how our flat surface measuring technology can solve your pH measurement problems and save you time and money.

pH Plastic Electrodes

Featured in this section are a full line of plastic and glass body pH electrodes.Plastic pH electrodes fe ature epoxy bodies. Choose from epoxy body, glass body, research grade, flask size, semi-micro and spear tip designs.

pH And ORP Electrodes

WDP and WPH Series Controllers are a perfect match with Walchem's WEL pH/ORP electrodes - offering an extremely reliable differential measurement technique immune to any possible ground loop problems.

pH And ORP Sensors

Walchem’s WDS Series differential pH and ORP sensors are designed for industrial applications to be long-lasting and reliable. The differential measurement technique uses two electrodes, one for the process measurement and the other for the reference measurement.

Variable Insertion pH/ORP Sensors

These industrial combination pH or ORP probes use the conventional measurement technique employing a process pH glass electrode (platinum for ORP) which is compared to a reference electrode in KCL solution.

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