Custom Products From Thern Inc

Special needs need special products.

Our standard Thern winches and cranes accommodate a wide variety of tasks in a wide variety of applications.

But for those really special demands, we'll customize a Thern product to do exactly what you need with maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance.

In addition to the special products shown here, we also offer:

Wide Range of Options and Accessories
To customize your winch to your application

Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Manual Clutches for quick payout of unloaded wire rope
Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Grooved Drums for better wire rope winding
Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Multiple Compartment Drums for additional wire ropes
Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Modified Drum widths or diameters to meet fleet angle requirements, accommodate longer cables, or alter line speeds
Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Mechanical Torque Limiters to provide overload protection
Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Special Finishes for extra protection in harsh or hazardous environments
Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Special secondary or overspeed Brakes
Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Variable Speed Motor Conrols
Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Special Controls for almost any requirement
  Thern products are not for lifting people, or things over people.
Selected Models
Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Model 4HPF Special
with secondary drum brake, rotary limit switch, grooved drum, roller pressure bar, and epoxy finish.

Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Model PW Special

Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Model 4HWF Special
with rotary limit switch, grooved drum, and special finish.

Custom,Products,Winches,Cranes,Thern,Inc Electrical Control Panel
for remote pendant control operation of power winches.