Stationary Davit Cranes From Thern Inc

Stationary Davit Cranes provide stable power for heavy lifts.

We have Fre Rol Davit Cranes for permanent installation on stable gusset style base. These units may have either fixed or adjustable boom and hand or power winches.
Fre Rol Davit Cranes Series 571 and 572
Hand or Power Winch Operation Up to 2200 lb capacity

Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Hand Winch Operated Models include spur gear or worm gear hand winch with brake for load control.
Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Power Winch Operated Models include 115 volt 1 phase AC electric winch with pendant control and brake. Other voltages and phases, 12 volt DC, pneumatic, and hydraulic available, contact factory.
Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Fixed Boom – Boom Position C
Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Adjustable Boom Option – adjusts between Boom Position A and D – with hand operated ratchet style screwjack, used to adjust height and reach.
Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Mast and Boom Rotate on tapered roller bearings for smooth 360° load movement.
Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Mast locks in one of four positions with hand tightened lock bolt. Handle on the mast makes rotation easy.
Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Gusset Style Base for permanent installation and stability under load.
Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Wire Rope Assemblies sold separately.
Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc 2-year Limited Warranty
  Thern products are not for lifting people, or things over people.
Selected Models
Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Model 571
Stationary Davit Crane for lifting up to 1500 lbs, shown with adjustable boom and power winch.

Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Model 572
Stationary Davit Crane for lifting up to 2200 lbs, shown with fixed boom and hand winch.

Stationary,Davit,Cranes,Fre,Rol,Thern,Inc Model RW50
Stainless steel storage spool for wind up of unloaded wire rope.