Oil Boss from Abanaki Oil Skimmers

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  Oil Boss from Abanaki Oil Skimmers

Setting New Standards for Industrial Oil Skimmers

A Unique Method of Oil Removal Abanaki's unique method magnetic drive allows both sides of the belt to pick up floating oil, doubling the capacity for a given belt width. Result? A compact unit with faster oil pick-up, better oil-to-water pick-up ratio, and fewer drive line problems.

Built to Last All stainless steel construction stands up to punishing use and harsh environments, without special maintenance or protection. Controls and electrical connections are moisture resistant, and gear motor is fully enclosed.

Easy Installation Installation and adjustment takes only minutes. Bolt the base to a flat surface, tank, channel or any of the Abanaki mounting stands. Connect to the discharge fitting and slip the belt over the drive pulley. Plug a unit in, take a turn or two on the adjustment nut to adjust belt tracking, and installation is complete.

Minimal Maintenance Lift-off cover exposes entire mechanism for inspection and service. Changing or adjusting belt or wiper blades requires no disassembly, and can be accomplished in minutes. The sealed gear motor requires no maintenance.


1/20 hp, gear motor
1 amp normal, 1.4 amp max.
13.9 normal, 12 at full load
Controls & Wiring: Contractor, pilot light & grounded cord with plug supplied

specifically selected for your application
(see Belt Selection page)
4 inches
4 foot lift standard (measured
from center of head pulley to
100 feet available
Housing & Base: Stainless Steel
Options: Can be installed for Food Grade
Mounting stands available
Tail pulley options for turbulent tanks

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