Insulated, Quick-Clean, Centri-Sifter, High Capacity, Centrifugal Screener, Kason

Centri-Sifter® Insulated, Quick-Clean Centrifugal Screener

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  Insulated, Quick-Clean Centrifugal Screener

Insulated, Quick-Clean, Centri-Sifter, High Capacity, Centrifugal Screener, KasonThis Insulated, Quick-Clean Centri-Sifter® High Capacity Centrifugal Screener from Kason Corporation features an insulated jacket that maintains the temperature of hot or cold materials being sifted, while keeping the machine's exterior skin closer to room temperature for personnel safety.

It also offers a three-bearing shaft that cantilevers for rapid removal of internal components. External roller bearings are located at the motor end of the shaft and on a sliding cover at the discharge end for maximum support and vibration-free operation. When the end cover is slid open, the shaft becomes a cantilever supported by a third externally-mounted roller bearing located between the motor-end bearing and material feed point, allowing internal components to slide freely from the opposite shaft end.

The unit is equipped with Clean-In-Place (CIP) Spray Balls for rapidsanitizing using steam or cleaning solution without removal of internal components.

Dry or moist bulk solid material is gravity-fed into the horizontally oriented cylindrical screening chamber fitted with heavy-duty wedgewire screen. A rotating helical paddle assembly accelerates the radial movement of particles against the screen causing on-size particles to pass through apertures in the screens and fall through a cone-shaped discharge chute. Oversize particles are propelled through the open end of the screen cylinder and ejected through a discharge spout.

In addition to sifting and scalping of dry bulk materials, the screener can break up soft agglomerates and/or dewater moist solids or slurries.

The screener is constructed of stainless steel finished to industrial, 3-A, FDA, BISSC, and other sanitary standards.


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