Kason, Circular, Laboratory Batch Dryer

Kason Circular Laboratory Batch Dryer

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  Kason Circular Laboratory Batch Dryer

Laboratory Batch Dryer

This pilot-plant-scale drying system incorporates a surge bin, rotary valve, 24 (610mm) diameter fluid bed processor, heater, blower, and controls on a caster-mounted frame. Processors as small as 18 in diameter are offered for laboratory applications.

Standard Equipment:

  • Controls for inlet temperature, air velocity, bed depth, and retention time
  • Quick-disconnect clamps for fast, thorough cleaning
  • Choice of fluid bed air distributor
  • High Torque motor drive with double extension shaft and eccentric weight adjustment system to optimize vibratory motion for specific materials
  • Continuous or batch operation
  • 304 Stainless steel contact surfaces
  • Adjustable weir to control bed depth
Optional Equipment:
  • Contruction to 3A, FDA, and BISSC standards
  • Clean-in-place spray heads
  • Explosion proof electricals for hazardous applications
  • 316 or higher grade stainless steel material contact surfaces

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