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  Qualification Micronizer from Sturtevant Inc

Latest in Micronizer® Jet Mill Technology for the Lab and Pharmaceutical Industry

The new Sturtevant Qualification Micronizer® enables laboratories to develop new formulations by milling powders to low micron particle sizes on a small scale, before confidently proceeding to clinical trial quantities and ultimately to production quantities. Over the last 50 years, Sturtevant has supplied thousands of Micronizer(tm) jet mills to the pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramic, food and mineral processing industries and is pleased to present the following industry requested improvements.

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean or autoclave
  • Inexpensive to own
  • Runs on bottled gas or compressed air
  • Validation Support Documentation
  • Complete package needs only air and power
  • Requires no tools to open
  • Easily fits in fume hood or glove box
  • Smoother FDA validation, qualification mill has same profile as production units

Original Micronizer - Introduced 1946

  • Fixed Jet wall
  • Closed design
  • Industrial duty


USDA Micronizer - Introduced 1995
  • Nozzles integral with removable ring
  • Open design
  • No threaded access plugs


Qualification Micronizer® - New 2002 - Patents Pending
  • Test with small batches 10-20 grams
  • quick opening no tools required
  • easy to clean or autoclave



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