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  Bulk Solids Pump
Bulk Solids Pump For Precise Feeding
Of Free Flowing Bulk Materials In A Process

Positive Displacement Feeding

The Features
The new K-Tron Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) feeders have been specifically designed and engineered to provide gentle, precise feeding of free-flowing pellets, granules, flakes, powders and friable products.

The BSP feeders do not use the usual screws/augers, belts or vibratory trays to convey the material. They utilize positive displacement action to feed free flowing materials with astounding accuracy, offering uniform discharge, consistent volume and gentle handling.

The BSP feeders have vertical rotating discs that create a product lock-up zone, conveying the material smoothly from storage hopper to discharge outlet, achieving true linear mass flow.

Utilizing a simple design and the principle known as "lock up", the material in the feeder is moved together in true positive displacement, producing excellent linearity and breakthrough accuracy levels. With no pockets or screws and only one moving part, the compact feeder is cleaned in seconds, making it ideal for applications with frequent material changes.

The Principle
Interparticle forces produce lock-up at the end of Zone 1

Material is in lock-up condition throughout Zone 2  and rotates as a solid body

Interparticle forces fall below lock-up threshold

Material discharge occurs.


The Anatomy of the BSP-100

The Anatomy of the BSP-150

Three Base Models Cover a Wide Range of Needs

The BSP-100 features a single feeding duct formed by two rotating discs.

It includes a conical inlet transition piece which can be combined with a variety of standard extension hoppers.

A slide gate on the inlet allows for material shut-off and removal of feeder for cleaning and hopper emptying.

A low power stepper motor drive mechanism and controller provide excellent turndown and flexibility ensuring a very wide operating range.

The BSP-100 is designed for feed rates of 2 to 200 dm³/hr (0.07 to 7 ft³/hr).

It is available as a volumetric unit or as a gravimetric unit with a choice of 2 platform scales, single point suspension scale or three-point suspension scale.

The BSP-125 is a slightly larger version of the BSP-100, with all the same features except that it has two feeding ducts instead of one.

The BSP-125 is designed for feed rates of 9 to 900 dm³/hr (0.32 to 32 ft³/hr).

It is available as a volumetric unit or as a gravimetric unit with a choice of platform scale, single point suspension scale or three-point suspension scale.

BSP-150 is designed with four feeding ducts. With only one moving part and no pockets or screws, the design provides ease of use and almost zero maintenance.

The BSP-150 is designed for feed rates of 45 to 4,500 dm³/hr (1.6 to 160 ft³/hr).

It is available as a volumetric unit, or as a gravimetric unit with a choice of single point suspension scale or three-point suspension scale. 

 Benefits of the Revolutionary BSP Technology

  • True Positive Displacement Action
  • Linear Over Full Operating Range
  • Uniformity of Discharge
  • Active Discharge (minimal residual material)
  • Unaffected by Differential Pressures
  • Mechanical & Maintenance Simplicity

BSP-100 Bulk Solids Pump

BSP-124 Bulk Solids Pump


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