Gain In Weight Batching Stations

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  Gain In Weight Batching Stations

 Custom Engineered Gain-in-Weight Batching Solutions

K-Tron Gain-in-Weight Batching Stations provide flexible and economical batch prep for applications up to eight components and 100 recipes.

  • Accommodates any K-Tron volumetric feeder, including single screw, twin screw, Bulk Solids Pump (BSP), or any other PID device
  • Accurate, durable three-point collection hopper weighing
  • Full-featured KGIW controller with automatic recipe control, multi-line alphanumeric display, configurable I/Os, integrated reports and IP65 stainless steel enclosure
  • Supports connection to a PLC via Interbus-S, Profibus, or DeviceNet
  • Optional supervisory link via serial line or Ethernet TCP/IP

System Elements

1. KGIW system controller
2. External communications
3. Feeder hopper
4. Feeder motor drive
5. Feeder
6. Collection hopper
7. Weighing system
8. Collection hopper discharge
9. Optional discharge flow diverter
10. Optional stand/support structure
11. Optional feed hopper vacuum conveying system

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