Hurricane Loaders

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  Hurricane Loaders

Features and Benefits

Self-contained loaders
Vacuum motor design extends operating life.
Easy to use, programmable controls can be mounted directly on unit or remotely.
Load and discharge times fully programmable.
Easy conversion into components of a central system.

Filterless units
Returned air aids material movement.
Can be equipped to convey moisture-sensitive material with dry air versus ambient air.
Audible alarm if demand switch is not reached.

Filtered units
Patented design requires 50-75% less air to cloth ratio than conventional equipment.
DualCyclone design self-cleans the filter requiring less cleaning and maintenance.
Less headroom is required saving valuable space.

Maximum batch conveying rates:
Self-contained loaders

Mk1 Self-contained Filterless Loader
1,000 lb/hr  450 kg/hr

Mk1 Self-contained Filtered Loader
1,000 lb/hr  450 kg/hr

Mk2 Self-contained Filterless Loader
2,000 lb/hr  900 kg/hr

Mk2 Self-contained Filtered Loader
1,800 lb/hr  825 kg/hr 

 All conveying rates based on: plastic pellets (filterless units) or PE powder (filtered units), 38 lb/cu. ft. 0.6 kg/liter bulk density; conveyed over 15 ft. 4.5 meters vertical and 5 ft.  1.5 meters horizontal, 1 elbow in a batch process.  Rates dependent on specific application. Continuous conveying rates are higher.

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