Hurricane Receivers

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  Hurricane Receivers

Central receivers

Single and multiple receiver systems for local or remote pick-up
Central vacuum sources and accessories
Local or remote mounting vacuum sequencing valves
Custom designed systems to meet specific needs
Systems can include complete control integration for any degree of automation

Maximum batch conveying rates:
Central receivers

Mk1 Central Filterless Receiver
1,400 lb/hr  625 kg/hr

Mk1 Central Filterled Receiver
1,400 lb/hr  625 kg/hr

Mk2 Central Filterless Receiver
4,000 lb/hr  1,800 kg/hr

Mk2 Central Filtered Receiver
2,500 lb/hr  1,150 kg/hr

Mk4 Central Filterless Receiver
10,000 lb/hr  4,500 kg/hr

Mk4 Central Filtered Receiver
6,000 lb/hr  2,700 kg/hr 

P10 Filtered for food/pharma applications
1,300 lb/hr  600 kg/hr 

P30 Filtered for food/pharma applications
4,000 lb/hr  1,800 kg/hr 

P100 Filtered for food/pharma applications
8,800 lb/hr  4,000 kg/hr 

All conveying rates based on: plastic pellets (filterless units) or PE powder (filtered units), 38 lb/cu. ft. 0.6 kg/liter bulk density; conveyed over 15 ft. 4.5 meters vertical and 5 ft.  1.5 meters horizontal, 1 elbow in a batch process.  Rates dependent on specific application. Continuous conveying rates are higher.

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